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30 August 2011

Refer A Friend

Invite your friends to the world of RuneScape and receive a 7 day 10% XP boost.

What is the Refer A Friend programme?

Many of RuneScape's players first heard about the game through a friend or recommendation. This has meant that a large part of our success has been down to the way that our global community has built through word of mouth.

With our Refer A Friend programme we're looking to support this and also give you the opportunity to get something back for helping bring new players into the game. So if your friends join from your recommendation they'll get a starter pack and XP boost to help get them into the game and if they then subscribe you'll receive a 10% XP boost for a week.

To Refer A Friend you just need a RuneScape account and a registered email address.

So how does it work?

  • RuneScape players can use the RuneScape website to send up to 50 invitations by email each month
  • If your friend creates an account directly from your referral they will receive a starter pack and a 100% XP boost for their first 7 days (or up to level 30 on all skills)
  • Then if your friend subscribes within 14 days of creating their account you will receive a 10% boost in all skills for 7 days!
  • You can also share the provided referral link on your own website, blog or social networking page to invite as many friends as you wish
  • You can activate up to 5 XP boosts over the year from when the first one is activated

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